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MGF illumination- head lamps and brake lamps


MGF: continental headlamp converters
Print out your own template for making head light masks for continental driving
2. MGTF: using the built-in headlamp converters
No need for masks on the TF - there's a handy little built-in lever that alters the dipped beam pattern!
3. MGF headlamp replacement
How to replace MGF headlights - largely applicable to the MGTF too
4. MGF headlamp disassembly
If you need to repair or replace damaged or oxidised reflector bowls, then this page will show you how.
5. MGF: Poor dipped beam performance: misty headlamps!
Common problem on MGFs - poor head lamp performance - this page explains the problem and provides a solution!


MGF and TF HID bulb conversions
Brighter and cooler running bulbs - but are they a good idea for our MGs?
7. MGTF headlight and bumper conversion for the MGF
Want that TF look for your F? Or wish for the TF projector head light performance? Geoff Baron tells us how
8. MGF and MGTF rear light assemblies
What's available on the market to give the rear end of your MG a make-over
9. Leaking rear light clusters: how to repair
Water in the boot is common on early MGFs - here's how to sort it
10. MGF: how to fit a high level brake light
Not all MGFs had this safety feature - here's how to retrofit the high level brake light to your MG



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