The K-Series Engine
 Design, options, tuning and alternatives

K-Series development Story
What is the story behind the K-series? It was certainly quite a political battle for the then nationalised Austin-Rover to get funding from the Department of Trade and industry, but this article concentrates on the general development of this truly ground breaking engine that to this day remains extremely competitive. And what did the future hold? Read more...
K-series and alternatives
What K-series variants were fitted to MGF and TF? How do they differ in terms of performance characteristics? Can you mix n' match? What alternatives are available?
Cam Timing
What is cam timing, how you set it, building your own DPI jig, plus other hints and tips for the uniquely difficult MGF environment!
Head Strip
Tim Woolcott's at it again - making the process of stripping the K-series cylinder head look disarmingly simple!
NEW: just added - a video on the head strip procedure by Tim as he rebuilds his engine following a head gasket failure.
Dave Andrews' K- Tuning
Dave has probably forgotten more about K-series tuning than the vast majority of us will ever know - if you want proof, this webpage is an absolute mine of information which dispels any doubt. Have a read; it'll blow you away!
Cam Belt Change
How difficult can it be to change the cam belt on the K-series engine? If the evidence of Paul's excellent video is to be believed, very easy indeed! Of course, burying the engine inside the middle of the car makes things a little more tricky, but you'll feel a lot more confident about what you are doing after seeing these instructions!
Tuning Gear to avoid
eBay has some great bargains - but some so-called tuning 'goodies' are best left alone. Here are just a few...