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Suspension Upgrades

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Before upgrading your suspension, check that all standard components of the suspension are in good order. In fact, remarkable improvements in ride and chassis behaviour can be wrought by the simple expedient of ensuring that all the suspension bushes are in good order.

See the figure right. Pictured are the left and right lower shock absorber bushes (A & B, and in close up C & D). On this 5 year old car with 54,000 miles on the clock, the bushes are split and age damaged. Looking at the bush, you can clearly see that they are more compressed at the top than they are at the bottom- they will need replacing.

Interestingly, Mike Satur retails new lower shock absorber bushes in polyurethane material that is longer lasting. Those who have had these bushes fitted have reported that the ride and handling have both much improved as a result. For Tim Woolcott's fitting guide, click here.

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