Introduction Driving on the right Motorways Essential Kit Useful suggestions


  1. Use the highest factor sun cream/ block you can lay your hands on- and apply generously to your ears, nose, and neck- you can get fried in southern Europe!
  2. Keep lots of mineral water in the car. Roof down motoring in very hot climates means you loose a lot of fluid. Try and drink at least a litre and a half (preferably more) a day.
  3. Wear hats in hot sunny climates when driving with the roof down. Not only does a hat keep the sun out of the eyes- you are also less likely to suffer from Sun Stroke!
  4. Try not to use the boot rack- it obscures the rear view significantly. It is amazing what can be packed into an MGF. I had two weeks’ worth of clothing for two, camping gear (airbed, double sleeping bag, pillows, stove etc) and other assorted odds and ends stowed in the car without resorting to using the boot rack. I’d recommend taking the boot rack along anyway: you may want to buy some booze and the luggage overflow will need somewhere to go!
  5. Have a few plastic 32mm film canisters handy on the dashboard tray below the heater controls. They are ideal for storing foreign currency coins- very useful for autoroute and autostrada tolls.
  6. Don't forget that the MGF has seat pockets. I hadn't realised until very recently that the seat backs were so equipped- they are ideal for map storage. Don’t forget that the space behind the seats is another potential storage area.
  7. Store the warning triangle under the front bonnet- so if you need to use it, you don't have to unload the boot. Similarly, keep the locking wheel nut key, spare bulbs (and fuses!) in easily accessible places.
  8. Try not to drive at night. I found that headlamps on the continent appear to dazzle more than here in the UK (or is it just me?) which is distracting enough without having to drive in an unfamiliar environment. Also note that with the correct headlamp mask the dipped beams are almost useless.