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If you have never travelled through Europe before, making preparations to go can be daunting. What needs to be taken? How do the driving conditions differ? Because I'd like to drive my roadster down to the sun, is there any precautions I should take?

This page has been constructed to be a supplement to other travel guides available from other sources- and therefore is not intended as a complete guide. But hopefully there are nuggets of information that you will find useful in your travels.

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On this page (below) you will find hints on town driving and credit card acceptance.

One final note before then- as Ted Newman says: "The most important thing is to relax and enjoy yourself - you are on holiday. For the least stress, plan ahead all the time: every time you stop look at the map to refresh your self of your route and try and memorise key names."

Sounds like good advice to me! Bon voyage!


Note that when turning left or right be aware that pedestrians have the right of way to cross the street (as do Cyclists). Hit someone and you are toast legally. Also, do not expect to be let out when trying to join a queue of'll be there forever!


As a rule, credit card acceptance is as found here in the UK- ie. very good. Perhaps the only country in Western Europe where any problems may be encountered (surprisingly) is Germany.

Up to about 3-4 years ago, German service stations rarely accepted credit cards. This is improving- but in the main, acceptance is for MasterCard only - Visa is still a bit thin on the ground. Fortunately, nearly every Service Station has a "EC" Cash Machine. This means you can use your Cirrus, Link, Visa and MasterCard to draw cash from your UK bank account.

Therefore the hint of the day for German travel is to have enough DeuchMarks in your pocket to pay when they say "Nein" to your credit card.

Dieter’s assessment on Credit cards in Germany:
  • EuroCard/ MasterCard is the most commonly accepted.
  • Visa is the second most commonly accepted.
  • AMEX has very poor acceptance (but it is useful in winter for cleaning the frosted windscreen) ;-) However, AMEX is accepted at Texaco and ARAL.

As an interesting aside, by law you are supposed to carry a day’s wages in cash with you. No one does though!