Modifications at a glance

(Items that you will require before a sprint)

1. Timing strut

Must be made from a rigid material, and be finished in matt black. Material of construction is free. Mine is made from aluminium off-cut I happened to have lying around at home.

Critical minimum dimensions: at least 51mm x 254mm with a clearance from the ground of less than 200mm (see sketch below)

2. Safety related items:

2.1 Fire extinguisher of at least 1.5kg capacity.

The fire extinguisher should be mounted so that the driver can gain access to the extinguisher in the event of an accident without having to unstrap safety belt first.

I have mounted mine in the passenger foot well in common with other MGF competitors. Mine is mounted permanently, screwed into the cross member in front of the passenger seat. There are no ancillaries to damage by drilling here- so it is an ideal location.

2.2 Yellow tape around the earth battery cable.

This is to aid the rescue team to quickly identify the earth strap of your vehicle so that the electrical system can be rapidly isolated in an emergency.

2.3 A clear label next to the ignition switch indicating the ‘off’ position and the direction of rotation.

Again for the aid of the marshals to enable them to disable the ignition rapidly.

3. Race numbers

A white background with contrasting black figures of specified dimensions are required for the display of racing numbers. The only exception to this rule is for cars with a very pale body colour (white/ silver etc.). In this case, the numbers can be affixed directly to the body work.

The white background can either be painted on (not always desirable!!!), stuck on or be made from magnetic material- readily available from sign writers (see your local yellow pages).


And that is about it!

Unless, of course, you want to fit some additional safety equipment, such as roll hoops (more here), or a roll cage (more here).