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F1 GS-D3 tyres Cause Handling Problems

Goodyear F1 GS-D2 tyres have, up until now, been standard fitments on all MGF and MGTF models equipped with 16" wheels. Unfortunately, these tyres have recently become obsolete, and largely superseded by the F1 GS-D3 in most available sizes - including the 215/40 R16 used on the rear wheels of the MGF/TF. This has lead to a distinct shortage of the GS-D2 tyres available from aftermarket outlets, resulting in leading tyre suppliers, such as Micheldever Tyres, only stocking the newer GS-D3. However, it has come to our attention that there are significant handling issues with these tyres, with up to 50% of owners reporting 'dangerous' handling and instability.

Confirmation has come from both MG and Goodyear themselves; neither company will recommend the GS-D3 for use on the MGF/TF.

Part of the problem appears associated with mixing tyres - with many owners keeping the slower wearing GS-D2s on the front and replacing the rears with GS-D3. However, this is not the whole answer to the handling question: owners are also reporting handling problems when using these tyres on all four wheels. No clear pattern has yet emerged as to what causes some cars to have problems, whilst others appear to be fine with GS-D3 tyres.


At this time, therefore, we cannot recommend the GS-D3 tyre for the MGF/TF range. Where possible, try to obtain F1 GS-D2s - these should remain available from MG Rover for the foreseeable future. Failing this, try another brand of tyre - but be sure to use the same brand and model of tyre on all four wheels.

If you need further advice, contact your local MG Rover dealer or MG Rover themselves.

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