How Much will MGF racing cost me?

The following is a guide to the costs associated with starting in basic sprint events. Equipment prices are from the Grandprix Racewear catalogue, on-line at Prices are quoted in pound sterling.

1. Racing License from the Motor Sport Association (MSA).


2. Racing Helmet (full face will enable you to race with the roof down)


3. Two layer Racing suit

Single layer suits are also available from around 70


4. Gloves [optional]


5. Driving boots [optional]


6. Fire extinguisher



7. MG Car club membership (if not already a member)




VAT @ 17.5%


Equipment Total:


To this total needs to be added the cost for MISC and/ or Abdingdon Trophy registration- between 15.00 and 30.00.

Each event typically costs 60.00. So for eight events, a season would cost an additional 240.00.

First Season's total:

all inclusive total of necessary equipment and safety gear, club membership, registration and license fees.


The first season's costs are very high- primarily because of the investment required to purchase the necessary safety gear. These costs could be reduced by sharing or by purchasing second hand (although you should exercise great caution with the latter route). Subsequent seasons racing should be rather less.

Based on competing eight events at 60 per entry:

Subsequent seasons' costs:

inclusive of club membership, race series registration and license fees.

324.50 pa

There is no such thing as cheap Motorsport- but this is as cheap as it gets!

Equipment and safety gear available from:

Grandprix Racewear

Tel +44(0)208 987 5500

Fax +44(0)208 742 8999

EMail :

Demon Tweeks

Tel +44(0) 1978 664466

Fax +44(0) 1978 664467

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