exh_item.gif (9012 bytes)   The MGF Exhaust Tests 



The primary purpose was to perform an impartial investigation into the performance enhancing characteristics of some of the exhausts currently available for the MGF. Many performance claims have been made for these systems, from the modest to the incredible. Therefore, to put the power enhancing capabilities of these exhaust systems into some context, we conducted this group test.


The Exhausts:

The exhaust systems chosen had to be readily available new in the UK at the time of the investigation.

The exhaust systems tested were (in no particular order):

  1. Janspeed
  2. Steven Palmer (Miltek) Supersports
  3. Steven Palmer (Miltek) GranTourismo
  4. Piper
  5. Trevor Taylor Fxtreme
  6. MGOC Double S
  7. Mike Satur Daytona (with quad exhaust pipe finishers)
  8. The standard exhaust system.

Other exhaust manufacturers were invited to participate, but owing to production difficulties, could not meet the deadline.


The Cars:

The MGF model chosen for the tests was the entirely standard 1.8MPi, with no other performance enhancing modifications. One car was a well used example with 30,000 miles under its belt, whilst the other was show room fresh (thanks Rover ;o).

The performance measures:

The outcomes measured were:

  • Performance: Power (bhp) and torque (lb.ft)
  • Sound volumes: recorded with sound meter, 1.5 meters away from left hand tail pipe, at 45 degrees elevation (dB)
  • Subjective measures: best looking, best built, easiest to fit, best sounding.

Sadly, attempts to get reasonable digital sound recordings from each of these exhausts failed. Bah! That'll have to wait until another day.

The data was collated, and has been published in MG World already. Click on the MG World logo below to discover exactly who makes the best exhaust. This internet report includes data never before published.