Airbox installed in MGF 1.8i

The following are some images of the Rover 820EFi airbox installed in my car (a '96 1.8MPi). Note that cars fitted with the cast alloy plenum will have a slightly different installation because the alloy plenum is larger than the plastic item fitted to 1.6 and 1.8 MPi vehicles).

Rover 820 airbox insitu connected to the throttle body by a length of flexible ducting. airbox_tb1.JPG (7769 bytes)
Detail shot of the airbox - note that a small section is cut away to allow access to the worm-drive on the jubilee clip. airbox_cu.JPG (8158 bytes)
View from the right side of the car, looking in through the open engine bay inspection cover. airbox_above_l.JPG (13766 bytes)
Similar shot, this time shot from opposite side of the car - note how the intake tube is directed down the back of the bulkhead. airbox_above_r.JPG (10545 bytes)
The duct then turns through 90 degrees to enter the airvent area. airbox_downpipe.JPG (12349 bytes)
Ducting just visible behind the nearside airvent grille. airbox_airvent.JPG (12252 bytes)