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Oil and Filter Change.

Words and pictures by Tim Woolcott [with some additional material from Rob Bell]

An oil change in an MGF is a little more convoluted when compared to a car with an engine in the usual place, never the less it is still pretty straight forward and can prevent undue wear on the engine from old oil.

Before changing the oil run the car for several minutes to warm the oil.

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Old engine oil is CARCINOGENIC. Always wear gloves, and avoid exposure to skin. If on skin, wash off immediately with warm, soapy water. DISPOSE of used oil in accordance with local government regulations.

Parts Required:

Tools Required:

Here's how to do it:

1 Unclip rear edge of hood and remove parcel-shelf carpet and sound proof wadding (A). coverremoval.jpg (46786 bytes)
2 Remove engine access panel 10 x 10mm bolts (B). Note: access to all the bolts on the MK 1 cars is straight forward however is MKII with speakers in the T-bar a 10mm ratchet flat spanner would be Very useful.
3 Remove Access panel (C).
4 Jack up car and support securely on axle stands.

Warning183.gif (151 bytes) IMPORTANT ensure you use the Axle stands on a level surface

5 Place a large bowl (washing up bowl - Check with the Missus first) under the sump plug location (Drivers side, just in front of rear wheel)
6 With 15mm Socket undo the sump plug. (Tip wear latex/rubber gloves) fc_1.jpg (37107 bytes)
7 Drain all the oil. fc_2.jpg (34226 bytes)
8 With a 4.00 tool from Halfords (or other car parts shop) remove the oil filter. Ensure the Bowl is placed under the filter to catch any more oil.
9 Clean the mating surfaces of the oil filter and sump plug, Replace the Sump plug washer with a new item.
10 Replace sump plug and tighten fully.
11 Replace new oil filter, tighten with Special 'Halfords' tool. fc_3.jpg (58755 bytes)
12 Fill with suitable new oil, a funnel would be very useful or at least a cardboard excuse for one.
13 Replace oil filler cap and replace engine cover, etc and hood.
Although this is the prescribed method according to the book, I feel that considerable time may be saved by avoiding the removal of the engine bay cover. Filling through the top up cap in the boot is incredibly slow as a result of a considerable restriction at the bottom of the dipstick.
Alternatively, there is just enough room to remove the oil filler cap on top the engine. If a long necked flexible funnel can be found this could used to re-fill the oil from the boot engine access grill.

When I carry out the next Oil change I'll post more details of the "funnel method" (opposite)

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