BRM Speaker Grilles

Part numbers and costings

Main Speaker Grille

Location: lower footwell corner of each door.

Quantity required: 2

Part number: EJW 100500 MDC

Cost (each): 51.85 GBP + VAT

Will also require 2x pack of Capscrews(5) (allen head bolts): 0.16 GBP (1.60 GBP + VAT) Part number EYP 101380. These are M3 sized bolts and will require the approprate sized nuts- from your local DIY/hardware store.

Tweeter grille and interior handle trim

Location: adjacent to door handles

Quantity required: 2- one lefthand (LH) and one right handed (RH)

Part numbers:

RH: FVJ 100250 MAW

LH: FVJ 100240 MAW

Cost (each): 32.67 GBP + VAT