Centre Console removal and refitting
(applicable to pre- MY2000 MGFs)

Words: Rob Bell and Andy Phillips
Pictures: Rob Bell


The need to remove the centre console trim may be provoked by various reasons. Perhaps you need to change the light bulbs in the clocks. Or you have an ambitious ICE installation planned. Or you need to change the gear lever gaiter. Or even you wish to up-grade your Mk1 fascia to MY2000/TF specification. Which ever the reason, here's how you remove a Mk1 centre console fascia panel. It's pretty straightforward, you'll be relieved to hear!

Tools required:

 Stereo removing tool


Time required:

 About 20 minutes


Parts required:

 Depends on your project!

 How to remove the centre console


The first step is to remove the stereo head unit from the centre console. This will vary according to the type and manufacturer of the system in your car. For the original MG-branded stereo on early MGFs, this required two bent wires (a release kit is available from Halfords). If your stereo has a security code, it would be sensible to either make sure that this is in a safe place, or find out what the code is before removing the unit.

Remove the stereo from the console, and release from the wiring harness.

2. Remove the gear knob. Usually these are screw on items, unless replaced by an after market item which may be held on by small grub screws.
3. The console is retained in place by a number of stiff trim clips. To remove the console, grab the panel below the gear shift gaiter, and pull upwards. This may require some tugging to overcome the grip of the trim clip.
4. Now work upwards, releasing each trim clip individually- often there is a clip at the base of the radio aperture, two - one on each side of the clock and oil temp gauge, and another at the top of the console trim, above the hazard switch. Note that the radio aperture clip needs to be pushed out of place before the console can be removed.
5. Once free of the clips, the clocks and switches need to be freed of their wiring harnesses. Now the console is free.

Note that some of the blue retaining clips may have remained in the dashboard support brackets - one of three is arrowed right. Remove these and return them to the back of the centre console trim; this will aid refitting.

  How to re-fit the centre console


There are no particular hints or tips to relay here, as refitting really is a reversal of removal, except to note:

  1.  It is a good idea to check that the switches and gauges all work correctly before pushing the trim clips all home.

  2. Make sure that the blue trim clips are all correctly located back on the centre console trim before starting (as mentioned above in step 5).