T-bar removal and installation

Removal of the T-Bar


1x Philips screwdriver.

Removal of the T bar is not a difficult procedure and should take you less than half an hour.


1) Fold the hood frame back onto the rear deck. Push the seats forward and tilt them forward using the recliner wheel.

2) Remove the three screws holding the hood roll cover attachments on top of the T-bar.

T-bar undo screws.jpg (24433 bytes)

3) To release the T-bar, pull firmly at the outer edges of the T-bar to release the trim clips at the edges, and then the centre.

T-bar pulling edge to remove.jpg (32147 bytes)

4) Under the T-bar there are six plastic clips holding the bar in place: two in the centre, and two at each side of the car. By pulling the outer ends of the bar gently towards the front of the car, the outer clips will release. The two centre clips release in the same direction. Pictured are the centre two clips.

5) Lift the hood frame slightly and the bar will come away. Let the bar drop and rest against the back of the seats. This operation will expose a metal bar running across the car. In the picture, the speaker installation is visible. MY2000 models have very different T-bar speakers with a sound box installed behind them.


1) Refit (if necessary) the six plastic clips onto the T-bar, pictured right and below right (with the clip correctly re-installed into the T-bar).

2) Lift the hood frame and position bar on top of holes to accept the plastic clips. Push the outer clips into the holes first and then the centre ones. Make sure the end of the bar sits inside the door draft excluder.

3) Replace the screws and hood roll cover attachments on the top surface to complete the re-fitting procedure.