Front bumper - removal & refitting
In order to perform tasks such as replacing the grilles, fitting a splitter, painting your headlamps or even fitting an alternative bumper such as the Mike Satur F-ONE, Cheetah or MVR nosecones,  you will need to remove the front bumper.  This is an easy job that takes around 15 minutes to half an hour.
Tools required:
1. Open the bonnet.

TIP: To avoid a flat battery, unclip the courtesy light from spring loaded switch mechanism to the RH side of the rear of the bonnet bay. Start removing the bumper by firstly unscrewing the top 5 screws from within the bonnet/bumper jamb using the large Philips head screwdriver.


2. Remove the two inner wheel arch retaining screws from the bumper reveal in front of the wheels (you may need the "Dumpy" screwdriver for this).


3. Prise the inner wheel arch lining out past the bumper reveal to give access to thetop two screws that secure the bumper to the underside of the wings, using the large Philips head screwdriver again, remove the one nearest the wheel arch and loosen the inside one.


4. Gently, pull the bumper, perpendicular to the side of the car, to unclip it from the loosened screw. Repeat for the other wheel arch. Lastly prise out the indicator lenses carefully with the flat bladed screwdriver to reveal the two retaining bolts.


5. Unclip the bulbs from the wiring loom, and then remove the retaining bolts using the ratchet, extension piece and 17mm socket.


6. Gently withdraw the bumper from the armature, if you have fog lamps fitted, disconnect them now - Job Done!


Refitting is the reverse of the above.
  1.  When repositioning the bumper, "Hook" the top of it into position in the bonnet jamb so that you don't have to take the weight of it whilst
    you are lining it up.  
  2. Apply some pressure to the top of the bumper as you are  tightening up the top 5 screws to close the gap between the bumper
    & bonnet as far as possible.  
  3. Lastly, the hidden screw in the underside of the wings which was only loosened when you removed the bumper is there to
    enable you to get the panel gap even when you re-fit it.  
  4. Push the side of the bumper into alignment with the wing before tightening this screw up.