DIY Boot release

Words and pictures: Richard Petro

Richard has come up with a brilliantly simple, DIY boot release kit. He's used a boot release solenoid from an old Rover 800, but the truth is, almost any suitable solenoid from any number of cars could be used. Here's what Richard wrote:

Attached are a couple of pictures, not sure if they are of any use? I've copied and pasted the splurge I wrote at the time, I've just finished fitting an electric boot release to my F. I'm not trying to undercut certain suppliers, but the whole thing cost me just 5 and two hours of my time.

I got hold of a boot release solenoid from the 800 series Rover at the scrappy, which cost me the princely sum of 5.

I tapped the end of the plunger with a 2.5mm thread, and then mounted the solenoid directly under the existing catch with two small bars and some long M5 bolts - note that the solenoid holes had to be opened up to M5.

I then fitted a small bar with a hole at each end to the solenoid for a lever effect, using the M2.5 screw. This is best viewed on the picture on the right.

I then used an old brake cable from a pushbike, complete with sleeve (for paint protection). This was looped it into the existing boot release, threaded it through the small bar and tied off, with the locking nut from an old bicycle brake caliper.

The solenoid was earthed via the screw holding the boot lock, and the power cable fed the remaining wire into the cabin, via the usual route (you can follow the main wiring loom - following the cable route for the boot lamp inside the boot lid, via the engine bay and into the cabin through the appropriate grommets - they're pretty easy to find and follow).

I fitted a push-switch inside the cubby box (something from Maplins or similar will do), and took a 12V power supply from the cigar lighter.