Recommended ICE installations:

Page currently under construction, but have a look at the sub-woofer installation that Dominic has developed. Absolutely awsome!!! Find on this page:


Dominic's Sub-woofer Install:

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Here's what Dominic has to say about this amazing install...


I had the same problems myself with [finding somewhere to install] both amps and subs but not wanting to blow my own trumpet but on previously owned cars I've been heavily into the old ICE and not wanting a lack of space to spoil the tunes. Thought about the passenger foot well but this really did restrict leg room. My remedy was to remove the fold down tray between the two seats and make a box to house one 8 inch sub. There isn't enough space to make a fully enclosed box with the correct cubic capacity so I've just used and infinity Kappa 80ib as in infinite baffle or free air sub as some people call them. The box is held in place with Velcro at the bottom and the T bar holds the top in place which meant that not one hole was drilled. Up front is an infinity 60cs kit with EMIT tweeters mounted in the plastic covers either side of the windscreen. After looking at mounting the AMPS behind the seats I finally decided that there isn't really enough room and the risk of drilling into something was just too great. Found that it you take up the carpet and the soundproof wadding above the engine where the soft top folds into there are 2 large rubber grommets, 1 either side of the car about 3 inches behind the seat belt rollers. These are just blanking grommets behind which there's more than enough room to fit large gauge power cable down one side of the car and RCA's and speaker cables down the other. With the boot open and the engine access panels lifted you will see an oval opening one either side right at the top of the rear quarter panels in the engine bay. Run your wires through this hole and then with the boot carpet removed its easy to drill some suitable holes into the engine bay while looking down the access panels to make sure you're not drilling into something. That puts the wiring into the boot and from there its just a case of mounting the amps in the same way you would in any hatchback!


Once Dominic has set up his web site with his amp installation completed, I shall link the URL from here.

Mail Dominic: HH01518A.gif (838 bytes)

Paul Sharpe's Amp and behind seat sub installation:

Picture right shows how Paul has up-graded his in-car entertainment. Behind both seats, he has installed Infinity subs mounted in carpet trimmed MDF boxes. This does slightly limit the rearward travel of the seats, but for Paul and Fran this does not represent a problem (other than robbing wine storage space on their frequent jaunts to France!)

The other thing to see in this picture is the location of the amplifier (a Pioneer I think?). It is unobtrusively mounted under the seat - space that is other wise wasted. A great solution.

Not advisable if your car suffers from water leaks though - for very obvious reasons!!!

The teddy hear, by the way, is not an essential ICE fixture, but adds to the interior ambience! wink.gif (373 bytes)

Paul's_infinities.jpg (29003 bytes)

Tweeter and amplifier installations:

Next a three pictures that folks have very kindly sent into me - but I've lost the identity of the donors - so if you recognise your car here, please let me know, and accept my humble apologies. Memory of a goldfish, me frown.gif (374 bytes)

In the first picture, right, we can see a very neat high-level tweeter installation (Infinity). A very different solution to many that you may already have seen in doors, foot wells or on the dashboard under the windscreen. Potential for excellent stereo imaging here, but ideally, IMO those tweeters ought to be aimed across the cabin rather that the car following you. high_mounted_tweeter_w300.JPG (13566 bytes)
In the next pair of pictures (right, and right, below), we see a very tasty amplifier installations. Here you can see that the amp is mounted up on the bulkhead wall.

Warning183.gif (151 bytes) WARNING: NEVER screw the amplifier (or anything else for that matter) to the bulkhead wall: the fuel tank is immediately behind the plate, and you WILL rupture the tank!

Here the amplifier is actually attached to the carpet (you can see the carpet, which despite being rather stiff, sagging slightly under the weight). This is a very sensible solution - and as you can see, all the power and speaker cables are neatly hidden.

Also shown in this picture are a couple of crossovers (Infinity again!), nicely symetrically aligned above the amp. Very nice! cool.gif (364 bytes)

amp_behind_seats_w300.JPG (21639 bytes)
amp_behind_seatw300_1.JPG (12498 bytes)