Installing a CD player into the glove box

Installing CD autochanger into the glove compartment is becoming an increasingly popular option amongst MG enthusiasts, as it has a number of advantages of the more traditional location in the boot. First and foremost is convenience. In the glove box, the CD shuttle is more accessible for changing CDs- more convenient than having to open the boot. Second, there is no boot space luggage penalty. Thirdly, this location avoids the need to run lengthy cables through the cabin of the car and the engine compartment. A challenging job! Disadvantages are security- the locking cubby box is feeble, but at least the ‘changer is not externally obvious, and secondly, the ‘changer tends to use up practically all the space. No use for gloves then! If you are willing to put up with these disadvantages, then go for the glovebox installation.

 Here’s how:

Tools required: 

electric drill

Jig saw

stereo removal tool


Time required: 

about three hours...

1. Remove the old stereo unit using the appropriate tool. OEM Philips stereos can be removed using the standard radio release tool available readily from Halfords (effectively two lengths of stiff bent wire!) 

2. Disconnect the wiring harness and remove the old stereo’s chassis from the aperture. 

3. Install the new stereo’s chassis. 



removing_head_unit.jpg (48547 bytes)
4. Now empty the glove box, undo the four retaining self tapping screws. Withdraw the glove box from the dashboard.  removal.jpg (14676 bytes)

5. Measure up the autochanger. Some units are small enough not to require modification to the glovebox. If too large to fit comfortably inside (remember that the glove box door has to close!!!), then it may be necessary to cut four holes in the ‘box where it narrows to fit between the wheel arch and the heater ducts. The size of these holes is dependant upon the size of your autochanger, so I’ll not give dimensions here. 

6. To cut these holes, it is easiest to drill multiple guide holes, and then cut ‘between the dots’. The plastic material is soft, so this is an easy job. 

7. Once the holes are cut, position the autochanger inside the ‘box, and measure up the location brackets for the changer, so that it fits directly to the glove box. Also drill an access hole for the auto changer control and audio cables.

8. Mount the autochanger into the glove box, and secure the wiring. Return to the car, and re-install the glove box.


SUGGESTION: the glove box is not a particularly rigid item. You may want to consider fixing some stiffening material (angled aluminium or MDF) to the ceiling of the ‘box to ensure continued good fitting of the glove box lid.


marking_gb.jpg (34529 bytes)

9. Now run the autochanger wires back to the stereo aperture. 

10. Now prepare to fit the stereo head unit. Insert the wiring harness, and the autochanger control and audio cables. Also make sure that the aerial is connected. Now slide the new head unit into place.

11. Check to see if all the functions work- and job done!

job_done.jpg (40069 bytes)