Jon's Windstop Design

Being based in Norway, a country blessed with even colder weather than here in the UK, Jon has constructed a unique windstop arrangement to allow him to travel roof-down for longer throughout the year.

The arrangement is as shown opposite, essentially consisting of a perspex screen running in two separate guides. The guides are constructed from metal 'U' section into which a section of rubber window glass seal is inset (generically available from your local motorfactor).

The two guides are mounted to a strip of wood, and there are a further two brackets to keep the arrangement upright and fixed to the T-bar.

The perspex screen is raised or lowered with the aid of a simple fabric tab, which at one end is attached a trim 'popper' that holds the screen in the raised position, ultilising the existing trim stud found on top of the T-bar.

A very simple and effective design! :o)

windstop_small_raised.jpg (12354 bytes)

windstop_small_lowered.jpg (9414 bytes)

windstop_small_guide.jpg (15210 bytes)

windstop_small_guideframe.jpg (13106 bytes)

The final result:

jons_windstop.gif (77219 bytes)